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Community. Simplicity. Reformed


COMMUNITY: The church is called to live as a family, loving and serving one another, as we walk together in grace.

SIMPLICITY: Doing the things that are most necessary for cultivating godliness through gathering, worship, and mission.

REFORMED: We find our heritage in the Reformers, especially their love and devotion to the word of God. We are encouraged by their passion for preaching biblical doctrine and living missionally. For more clarity see our statement of faith (The Abstract of Principles).


WHAT TO EXPECT: Our Sunday gatherings are all about worship of Christ. We worship through prayer, singing (psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs), reading the word, preaching the word, and partaking of the Lord's Supper. Comfortable dress is most common. We offer children's church to those who would like to use it, but we also encourage families who would like all of their children to be in service. There is also a small room available to the side where parents can go with their children to feed them or whatever may be needed, which also includes audio from the service. Our prayer is that Christ would be glorified in our gatherings.

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